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re: I've been working on Startups for more than 4 years (ask me anything) VIEW POST


Is it true that it far better to hire more senior developers for startups? If not any recommendations? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.


In my experience, it's the contrary, I would prefer a junior or mid level programmer over a senior. Let me explain, senior devs usually have their own way of working and try to do stuff their way, of course not all of them, but in my experience devs with less experience usually pick up the company's standards and way of working a lot quicker than seniors. Some seniors will be needed nonetheless but not all of the devs. They also earn more because of the title, even if they do the same work as a junior. So for me I usually prefer mid-level or junior devs.

PD: this is just from my experience. And might differ depending on the type of software you are developing.

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