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Edit your commit messages in GIT

Sometimes intentionally or unintentionally you may have given a wrong commit message due to various reasons.

But don't worry...

You can change your commit messages with GIT rebase command.

Step 1: Checkout Branch

checkout your branch where you want to change your commit messages

   git checkout <branch>

Step2: Pull last N commits

Rebase will help you modify your commit messages, squash and merge all your commits into one, but this tutorial is mainly to edit your messages. I will talk more about rebase in another tutorial.

   git rebase -i HEAD~N

display a list of the lastNcommits in your default text editor.

Alt Text

Step3: Long live Reword

Replace pick with reword before each commit message you want to change.
Alt Text

Step 4: Use force sometimes

git push -f origin <branch>

Step 5: Have a break !!!!

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