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Dear CFML (ColdFusion) Developers

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Recently at work we were looking to bring on a new CFML (ColdFusion) developer and I was in charge of the hiring. I did a lot of first interviews and discovered there seem to be three types of CFML developers:

1) Stuck in the Past

If you are still listing Fusebox on your resume in 2019 you need to fix that. I know some people are restricted at work in what they can use but download ColdBox or FW/1 and build a small app with it. Figure out how MVC really works. Learn something new even if you can't use it at work.

2) Stuck in the Present

OK. You know ColdBox, FW/1, MVC and all the latest and greatest CFML. What else do you know? I see a lot of developers who have no experience outside CFML. Go download Python, Go, Node... something and try it out. Try to recreate small snippets of your CFML code in these different languages. What's better? What's worse?

3) Into the Future

The third type of CFML develop I see knows ColdBox or FW/1. They have some experience in other languages. They have a Github account where I can see some of their experiments and what they have worked on recently. They may blog, contribute here to and participate in the community on Slack and local meetups.

I don't think this takes a great effort either. Hang out on Slack occasionally. Once a month or so for a meeting, and a few hours here and there in the evenings working on something new.

As a hiring manager I'm looking for people in the third group who are improving themselves, learning new things and maybe contributing back some of that knowledge to the community.

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