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I use Manjaro as my every day OS. Absolutely love it. The Arch repository's have anything that you can't get through Manjaro's package manager. Pacman is the bomb and when your backing up all your stuff with things like grsync and timeshift then you really have nothing to worry about. I can't imagine going back to windows for anything. I don't like mixing in gaming with my main computer because it's too distracting but I have a windows computer that's my game computer and that's all I use it for. With that said, Linux has a ton of great gaming options but it isn't 100% perfect. I've tried Ubuntu, PopOS, Mint and have even done a few arch installs on a virtual machine just to say I did it. But Manjaro is really the OS for me. I imagine myself doing a deep dive on Mac if I ever get a Mac work computer. As a Team Lead at Lambda I help students on Zoom all the time who have Mac's and I've found that I know a lot of little nuances about using a Mac than many of the Mac users I'm helping. Which I think is kind of funny. Learning how to use Mac by helping people debug code on Mac without ever owning one.

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