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Estimating, Part 2 -- The Review-ening

T - 4 hours

Okay, so that one ticket has clocked-up twice the estimated time and the algorithm still doesn't work. I can finish that before the review and justify the extra time as preparation for the remaining tickets, which rely on this one.

T - 3 hours

Notification in slack with feedback on the last merge request.

T - 2 hours

Getting there, just need -- oh look, a slack message.

T - 10 minutes

Now that all (most) of the feedback has been implemented, it's time to prepare.

T + about a minute

"-so what I'm saying is there's not as much as I estimated, but, like, it works, right."
"And what's happening here?"
"That's on my radar."
"And this?"
"It's meant to do that."


Well that went well (no really!); I've been re-focused, and have come out with a lot of relevant feedback. Next time, I'll factor planning time into estimates, and focus on what's necessary over what's possible with just a bit more time. I've also picked up a few gems like 'Ruby is not Javascript', which is very valid.

Overall, good job. Let's make it better.

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