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Best Programming Languages to Learn for Web Development in 2023

In the realm of web development, opportunities are always on the rise. The development industry has flourished and evolved in a variety of ways and fields, since its debut in the late nineties. Web development is still one of the most in-demand skills in the twenty-first century. Therefore, learning web development languages is crucial to start a career in this field.

Programming languages, of which there are over 600 in the tech space, help to enable and implement technologies. Programming language evolves and acceptance shifts by each passing year. You can inquire any web application development company about how they shift to a different programming language with changing market dynamics. It also happens because the new programming languages have functionalities and characteristics that strike the eye.

However, given the wide range of programming languages available today, particularly if you’re a beginner, you could find it difficult to decide which ones to learn and master.

Allow us to help you.

The goal of this article is to introduce you to the top web development programming languages that will catch your attention in 2023 and help you efficiently with the web app development process. By the end of this article, you’ll have a decent understanding of several programming languages as we’ll discuss the features, use-cases, and advantages of each language.

Let’s get it started!

1) Python

Python is one the most widely used languages for web development since its open-source and simple to learn and use. According to a report by Statista, Python boasts the fourth rank in the most used programming languages among developers in 2022. This is so because Python is the best option for both newbie and experienced developers.

With the use of Python, you can go with automation, data science, web app development, and backend development. Any web application development company will find it simpler to programme in Python, all thanks to its extensive array of standard libraries.

Features of Python:

  • It is compatible with well-known backend development frameworks like Flask and Django
  • It is a productive backend web development language that interfaces with languages like C, C#, and Java
  • Its ability to support dynamic typing makes it simple for programmers to build complex web pages with frequently changing information

Pros of Python:

  • Simpler programming due to OOP features
  • Incredibly scalable
  • Prioritizes code readability

Cons of Python:

  • Slow because of its interpretive nature
  • Not ideal for making mobile apps

2) JavaScript

According to the 2022 Developer Survey by Stack Overflow, JavaScript is the most widely used programming language in the world while standing in the first position. Its versatility in frontend and backend web development is one of the main factors contributing to its popularity. It also contains a number of libraries and frameworks that are used to provide some personality and interactivity to web pages.
Therefore, when creating dynamic web features like animated visuals or clickable buttons, developers prefer to use JavaScript.

Features of JavaScript:

  • In addition to developing top-notch web apps, it can also be used to create web servers, games, and mobile apps
  • The syntax is simple and easy to understand
  • It is a straightforward programming language

Pros of JavaScript:

  • JavaScript works with good speed
  • It is very flexible
  • Smooth integration with other programming languages

Cons of JavaScript:

  • Security issues compared to other languages
  • No support for multiple inheritances

3) Objective C

Developed in 1972, Objective C or C is a clean and all-purpose language. It is the favorite language of programmers who are starting out in the development industry. Whether decades before or today or in the future, Objective C will always be their initial choice. The iOS operating system is primarily coded in Objective C. Therefore, it is primarily used in developing Mac OS X and iOS applications as well as operating systems.

Features of Objective C:

  • Supports the allocation of dynamic memory
  • Utilized with Cocoa Touch or Cocoa framework
  • Good versatility due to dynamic typing support

Pros of Objective C:

  • Can carry out complicated calculations
  • Quick, robust, and adaptable
  • A breeze to understand

Cons of Objective C:

  • Challenging to find errors
  • Not compatible with OOP concepts

4) TypeScript

According to GitHub, TypeScript is among the fastest-growing language. And in 2023, it will become the most sought-after language for web development. People often get confused between TypeScript and JavaScript, but there’s a good difference between both of them. TypeScript is frequently referred to as JavaScript++ and shares the same syntax and semantics as JavaScript.
Typescript also allows for enterprise-level app development with large codebases since it is more resilient than JavaScript.

Features of TypeScript:

  • Supported by Microsoft’s free coding editor, Visual Studio Code
  • Because it is a type-safe language, type-related errors are reduced
  • Contains a number of inbuilt tools for debugging that simplifies development

Pros of TypeScript:

  • Higher code readability
  • Strengthens OOP concepts
  • Compatibility with several platforms and browsers

Cons of TypeScript:

  • More knowledge than JavaScript is required
  • Code written in TypeScript must first be converted to JavaScript in order to run

How to Find the Best Web Development Languages to learn?

Are you confused about which programming language to choose, learn, and utilize in 2023? Each of the languages we covered in the previous section is noteworthy. But we’ve compiled five questions for you to think about and answer. These questions will help you make a more focused decision. If you belong to a particular web application development company, these questions will make you understand which programming languages are best for you by the end of it.

  1. What are your main objectives?
  2. What is the training scope?
  3. What are the most widely used web development languages?
  4. Which programming languages offer the best pay?
  5. What do your in-house developers or your hired web application developers have to say?

It’s Decision Time!

It’s never simple to choose the best programming language for your web app development project. Additionally, companies providing web application development services need to take into account other significant factors like timeframe, budget, and specific requirements.

So, to guarantee that outcome will be reliable, safe, and simple to maintain over time, it’s really important to understand which programming languages to be used.

However, when picking a certain language to learn and utilize, it's crucial to avoid getting sucked into flashy and popular trends. Because everything that glitters is not gold! Hence, there is a good chance that the best programming languages to learn in 2023 were also the best in 2018. And there’s a chance that this will be likely true for the years ahead.

Still not sure what to do?

This is the most underrated, yet the best answer to this question – you can consider to hire web app programmers or a specialist team to help you make this decision. By helping you choose the best programming language; these professionals can also help you to create robust and cutting-edge apps.

Problem solved!
That’s all for the article. Hope you liked it.
Happy New Year!
Happy Learning!

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