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Juan Ignacio Carrozzo
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Be careful what you wish for!

In my first post i created a list of lets call them "goals" that i want to do to become an independent developer. In the post, i made a list of things that i should do to start my path to become an actual freelancer (i say my path because it does not apply to everyone). Almost a month has pass since then.

Out of the blue the company im working for (argentinian company) offered me 2 new projects; a russian company offered me an intership to become a native iOS developer; my capoeira teacher offered me to start giving kids classes again (i was doing it in Argentina); we started the renovation of the appartment AND! my parents decided to come visit for the first time and for 3 weeks!

No, just kidding. I'm very exited about all this. I'm quite hyperactive dude and this come like a ring to my finger. Well.. maybe i'll preffer a little more space in between all of this tasks. But when the universe
gives you lemons.. you know! buy Cachaça and prepare some tasty Caipirnhas!

So, time to reorganize my goals:

C.V. : DONE! but i still need to look for some cool stylish design one online to steal. You know what they say: "Good artists copy, great artists steal"
Github: Working on it !. I upload some code and ideas, but still need to work on it.
Portfolio: Its actually connected to my repo and my personal website so: Working ...
Website: idem.
JS Frameworks: Success! i managed to introduce some Vue.js code in our company software. A teeny-tiny piece of code, but its only the beginning!
Programming languages: here i detoured. Swift, its my new goal. And this includes using a Mac (i'm a windows user; third world problems 🤷‍♂️) and using xCode as a development interface (until now i only use it for the building process)
Writing a blog: well here i go again. I have had plenty of ideas on what to write about but they always occur while on the street and then .. puf .. i forget. But i will try to wright more often (at least every 2 weeks)
Ok. Enough! let start working!!
See you all and bora treinar galera!

P.S.: thanks for the comments on my last post. To realize that people actually read you it's an amazing feeling.
P.S.2: sorry for my english writting, i know its not the best but i'm working on it too!

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