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Building a Jekyll Site in the browser in less than 20 minutes

At my first conference talk ever (JekyllConf2019) I showed the world how to build a Jekyll website in under 20 minutes, using nothing but a browser.

Why Jekyll?

Jekyll transforms your plain text into static websites and blogs. It is simple: no databases or pesky updates to install. It is static: Markdown, Liquid, HTML & CSS go in and blazing fast static sites come out, ready for deployment. It is feature rich: Permalinks, categories, pages, posts and custom layouts are all first-class citizens. Additionally, Jekyll gets you free hosting with GitHub Pages. Are you sick of dealing with hosting companies? GitHub Pages are powered by Jekyll, so you can easily deploy your site using GitHub for free—custom domain name and all.

Why in a browser?

A lot of people think that Jekyll requires the command line, which is scary for beginners. In my tutorial I show you that you do not need to use the command line.

What will we build?

We will be building a Jekyll website with version control (Git), a CMS and a form builder. Are you ready?

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jeffreytse • Edited

:) There's another easier way to embed a video to jekyll blog as below:

jekyll-spaceship - 🚀 A Jekyll plugin to provide powerful supports for table, mathjax, plantuml, emoji, youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc.

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Chris Connelly


Timeless DEV post...

Git Concepts I Wish I Knew Years Ago

The most used technology by developers is not Javascript.

It's not Python or HTML.

It hardly even gets mentioned in interviews or listed as a pre-requisite for jobs.

I'm talking about Git and version control of course.

One does not simply learn git