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re: The way of how JavaScript works and is able to interact with APIs and frameworks seamlessly is a huge advantage for both front and back end... I w...
The way the Javascript runtime is perfectly integrated on any device, and works the same whether it is in a browser or on linux, hell even on windows, is perfect for full stack development as there is almost no complication when communicating to other devices. Soooo basically: Take Java, make the syntax easier, Frameworks more accessable, and everything much faster so voila, you have a beginner friendly server side language that can be replaced with front end code on-the-go.

You and I apparently have very different definitions of "perfect", "easier", "more accessible" and "beginner friendly". :-D Javascript seems like such a slap-dash language.


haha :D I have worked with other languages and i got along with all of them really well but when i have others approaching me asking what language to use as a beginner i found to have the most success teaching javascript xD

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