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re: Let’s rephrase this (in)famous phrase: Learn 15-20 hours a week. You owe it to yourself. I learn a lot. About the software i use at work, the lib...

Thanks for sharing! Although I don't completely with you on this. You bring it like everybody owes it to themselves, they don't. It all depends on what your goal is, what you want to reach in life. It might work for you, and if so, please learn something new every day!

The problem is the expectations we set when role figures in the industry make such black and white definitions. This makes people not think for themselves and simply assume that this is what is expected from them. People should think what they want to reach in live, what they value and align their time with reaching this. Is your career import, please make some time for learning. Is your job just a job for you, well you can do with a lot less and spend time on things you actually find important.

Although there is some truth your statement about the uncertainty of the future, it feels very toxic to me. You basically say anything can happen, you won't know what, but you better be prepared for it! I'd turn it around, anything can and probably will happen, you can't prepare for most of it, so just deal with it as it comes along. I think dealing with stuff this way gives you a lot less stress than trying to prepare for a lot of things that will probably never happen.

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