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Day 1 of #50daysof code

Wake up at 8:00 AM, then head to college.

Successfully tackled first 3 step of Step-1: Learned the first 3 step of First Step: Learn the basics from Striver Sheet DSA challenges during the breaks and after the class in the library.
Just solve some school level problems.

Then, I have started with the React, as I have started practice React principles a few days ago, Today I have learned about contextAPI Provider in React and practice it using by using it in the Website.

contextAPI in general helps in overcoming the propdrilling which causes lots of re-rendering and learn how to pass down the state variable in different components using contextAPI.

🌟Overcoming obstacles and making strides on this coding adventure.
Who else is committed to daily coding progress? Let's uplift each other! 💡
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