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Jhanavi Vijaykumar
Jhanavi Vijaykumar

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Why I decided to go headless...

Hey there!

I'm Jhanavi, a Product Marketer at adirani Digital Solutions. For the past few months I have been actively promoting a product named Garchi CMS, sometimes via newsletters or Reddit posts. I understand that unsolicited product pitches can be annoying but let me explain why I am sooooo enthusiastic about Garchi CMS.

For years, I managed my portfolio website using WIX. The WYSIWYG editor initially gave me good flexibility to showcase my work. However, over time I faced multiple issues that created a frustrating love-hate relationship with WIX.

There were 3 key issues:

  1. Although easy to use at first, making design changes and adding new sections became increasingly clumsy as my portfolio grew. I dreaded having to regularly mess around with tricky templates just to get things looking right or to update projects.

  2. I had to pay huge monthly fees just for WIX's premium membership to access features like using a custom domain and avoiding branded watermarks.

  3. I had to design the mobile and desktop experiences separately because WIX did not support omnichannel content delivery.

So last year, I finally gave up and decided not to renew my WIX membership due to all the unnecessary friction.

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Cut to a few months later, adirani Digital Solutions released a brand new headless CMS called Garchi CMS. Aditya, the co-founder, encouraged me to rebuild my portfolio using Garchi CMS and he helped me set it up. At first, transitioning to a headless CMS was unfamiliar as a traditional CMS user, but customizing my site with Garchi’s flexible framework opened my eyes to a whole new content-first approach.

Now, updating my portfolio is smoother than ever:

  1. Adding a new section to my portfolio and incorporating fresh information about myself is hassle-free with Garchi. I can simply utilize a new section template, input my details, and save time without the need to navigate through containers.

  2. With Garchi's basic plan, I can manage my content for free – no strings attached!

  3. Garchi’s headless architecture means my content automatically adapts across screen sizes and channels. Now, I maintain one framework that looks great on desktop, mobile, or wearables!

So now do you know why I’m promoting Garchi enthusiastically? I've been through the struggles it tackles firsthand! I genuinely wish I had made the switch earlier.

Now I manage my content smoother than ever while still fully customizing my site design - no compromises.

I'm thrilled to have found my perfect CMS fit and want to spread the word. I hopped on the Garchi CMS train and loved the ride, so here I am urging you to give it a spin and make your life a whole lot easier.

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Dusan Petkovic

I imagined a meme here about literally going headless :/

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I think CMS's generally have lots of overhead for portfolio websites especially, as you are not adding that much content in, its mostly a few things per month or less, I have a development background so transitioning from WordPress for example to to a static website with github pages was very natural and easier to manage.

Thanks for the article.

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Maharani Hariga

Hi Jhanavi, this is an inspiring read! As someone who relied on web builders (especially knowing the limitations), this gives me hope of a more reliable and cost friendly alternative.