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Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall

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"Agile" isn't about delivering every sprint

I was recently having a conversation with someone who was asking if their team could be considered “agile.” As evidence to support the claim, they said “The team delivers working software every sprint.”

Of course, delivering frequently is usually a good thing. But is it enough to claim “agility?”

Of course not!

Agility is the ability to move quickly, or to adapt to change.

To truly claim agility, the team must constantly receive and incorporate feedback into their work and planning. Frequently delivering software is not sufficient. Although, it probably is necessary, to allow for feedback.

To make the point as blunt as I can:

  • Frequently delivering software that nobody uses isn’t agile.
  • Frequently delivering software that doesn’t work isn’t agile.
  • Frequently delivering software, but not considering feedback on how to improve, isn’t agile.

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