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Discussion on: Programming is easy!

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"...the ‘it’s easy line’ is driving down salaries because business owners who commission projects are starting to hear the ‘it’s easy’ line and won’t pay for their software any more."

This gave me chills. So much marketing for technical tools is targeted at non-technical managers. The sell point is that the software solves problems, when the reality is that they provide tools to solve problems.

For example take subscribing to Cloudflare Enterprise for their Bot Management features. They provide very powerful tools in the form of full logs, granular firewall filtering and advanced metrics. The sales pitch involves a viewing of beautiful dashboards in which they show you the data and analytics you could be seeing.

But in reality, it is 100% up to you to do something with these logs. You have to pull them from their servers (Lambda), store them (S3), parse them (Logstash?), load them into an analytics backend (datadog, elastisearch) and build your own dashboards (kibana / grafana), draw your own actionable conclusions and write your own firewall rules. The power potential is there, but it will require a bit more investment and time and research if you don't already know these things.

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And when they’re told they need to pay someone to do this... ‘but it’s easy... I’m not paying that...’