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I Got An Innovative Social Media Productivity App Idea. Yes. Productivity

jgntruong profile image JohnGabriel Nguyen-Truong ・2 min read

I am quite new to development, and I am new to this awesome community I found at

I have this idea for a social media productivity app (which I think will be open-source), so I'm posing here at this community to see if anyone is interested.

Look at the research. Humans are wasting the precious time of our life scrolling often mindlessly through social media, without a single productivity... and we are doing this while we face many threats to our world... yet we are trapped.

Research by the World Health Organization estimates that a person will spend over SIX years of their 72 years on earth on social media... and that's insane. But together, we can work to fix this.

The app is called Social Eclipse, and what makes this app special is that it completely empowers individuals to take control of the time and content they consume online, especially on social media, without using the annoying parental-like blocking feature.

It first works by combining the APIs of different social media, integrating the chats and feeds into a single streamlined feed. Then, users will set how many minutes they want to spend online/social media, and with user data and machine learning, a limited amount of optimized content would be provided based on that... that's the idea. Get people back in control of the algorithms that waste days and months of our lives.

The project can be found here:

I haven't built anything, and I am looking for a co-founder... and others who are interested in this cool prject.

I'll love to hear your guys' and gals' feedback, so please type away your thoughts in the comments!

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siddharthshyniben profile image

But we can just go to the social media app right? This app can't stop us from that

msamgan profile image
Mohammed Samgan Khan

there is no project in here...

jgntruong profile image
JohnGabriel Nguyen-Truong Author

Looking for someone who might be interested in building this with me... I'm still a beginner.