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Vue 3 / Vite on Cloudflare Pages

A build recently failed in Cloudflare Pages and showed the following error.

19:09:34.631    Executing user command: npm run build
19:09:34.981    > webapp@0.0.0 build /opt/buildhome/repo
19:09:34.981    > vite build
19:09:35.288    failed to load config from /opt/buildhome/repo/vite.config.js
19:09:35.289    error during build:
19:09:35.289    Error: Cannot find module 'happy-dom'
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Doing npm run build on my local machine worked fine so I went on to find out the difference between my machine and the Cloudflare Pages build environment.

It turned out that my machine was on Node 16.15.0 while Cloudflare Pages was at 12.18.0, which is quite old. So, based on the build configuration docs, all we need to do is set an environment variable in the build settings of the Cloudflare Pages project for both production and preview NODE_VERSION=16.15.0 so it matches the local build environment.

After saving the environment variable and retrying deployment, the build was successful. This tip would apply to any javascript project that uses npm or yarn for building.

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