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Discussion on: Even Though She Was Bad At Math, She Coded

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Frank Carr

When it comes to math, the two most common ones I've encountered are primality tests and Sieve of Eratosthenes. There are several coding sites around where you can get examples of how to do them and other common ones.

I wouldn't use these kinds of questions myself in an interview for a front end web developer though. I'm more interested in having a conversation about your design ideas and the strategies you used and would use in building the front end of a site.

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Cat Author

I have never heard of either of those. Yikes.

But I'll look 'em up anyway.

Front-end web is what I'm looking for, anyway. But it wouldn't hurt to have some developer math in my toolbox.

Thank you, again!

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The only reason you'd ever use these is for a job interview, so it's no wonder you haven't heard about them.

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Cat Author • Edited on

...Yes? I haven't interviewed as a developer before??

I have the base education in development, but stuck with what I know, and now I'm a UX and UI designer.

I have an interest in development.

No need for condescension, pal.

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Ben Halpern

DamirTomic, this comment was not constructive and we agree that it was condescending. So this is a warning. Feel free to email me for further clarification of our expectations with regards to the code of conduct.

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DamirTomic • Edited on

@Cat Carbonell that's not what I meant.

Let me rephrase: Algorithms that work with prime numbers are primary used in cryptography. And since less than 1% of developers work on cryptography, the chance of encountering such an algorithm during everyday work is highly unlikely.

But you could encounter them in an job interview.

That was a critique of the interviewing procedure which asks totally irrelevant questions and not you.