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Object-Oriented Programming applied to JS (Crash Course Recommendation)

jfeijo profile image João Antônio Feijó ・1 min read

Just wanted to share a top-notch crash course about Object-oriented programming applied to JavaScript.

I've been studying this language for about 2 years now and this is such a great approach in my opinion. Here's why: there are countless JS courses out there but very few focus on the Computer Science side of things (here in Brazil, at least), that said, I noticed a turning point in my studying path which was aknowledging that my "sprint" feeling about taking hands-on and very straight-to-the-point courses only, wasn't taking me too far as I expected and very often I caught myself having to go back to some basic concepts.

Thing is, the theory behing the stuff matters a lot in web development if you want to have strong programming skills and not just practical knowledge about a specific language!

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andrevks profile image

That's great, I've been studying OOP currently and I couldn't agree more. I would highly recommend to read the book "Head First Java by Sierra" even though it uses other programming language it's the one of the best books other there.

jfeijo profile image
João Antônio Feijó Author

Thanks for the advice, André! I will definitely add this one to my list! I haven't read any books on programming yet, but one that I recorrently see people talking about as a 'game- changer' is "Clean Code" by Robert Cecil Martin.

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