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React Chatbot using MERN stack and Dialogflow

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I created an React Chatbot using Reactjs, Nodejs, MongoDB and Dialogflow(NLP).

It is an interactive web application chatbot to interact with the users, who visiting your application. This chatbot is made with MERN stack using Google's Machine Learning Dialogflow(NLP). Dialogflow uses Natural Language Processing(NLP) technique to make the bot understand the Human Language and to efficiently interact with users. I am ReactJs as the frontend and NodeJs as backend, which will interact between the Frontend and Dialogflow to get desired results.

Please check the complete code repository for the chatbot and Give a 🌟 in github, if you like it.

Github Respository - https://github.com/jeyk333/React-Chatbot

To play with it -> https://vast-badlands-40215.herokuapp.com/

Things you can ask to it

  1. Hi/Hello
  2. where is pikachu
  3. courses (It will list some dummy courses from the mongo db and will ask, if you need any personal training)
  4. If you give Yes for the personal training, it will ask for your details.
  5. You can enter the details, which will also stored in the database
  6. You can also do some random chats

The UI may look bad, as i didn't put much effort in the ui for now. Its not completed. I am still improving the chatbot.

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What version of dialogflow api did you use