Master the World of Go - Issue #27

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Master the World of Go. Each week Maarten Bezemer serves the nicest Gophers’ content about the theories, trending topics and tools.

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Golang fundamentals

What's coming in Go 1.12

Let's start with merged proposals. They tend to be more interesting.

Achieving concurrency in Go

In computer programming, concurrency is ability of a computer to deal with multiple things at once.

Go 1.11.2 and Go 1.10.5 are released

Hello gophers, we have just released Go versions 1.11.2 and 1.10.5, minor point releases.

Pathologies of Go package management

I’ve found that newcomers to Go tend to get really confused by the module system.

Shared experience

Go ValueObject

Suppose we have a simple project and we have to implement user registration form. For now we only care about two fields: name and email.

Go: XML and SEO

When I collect data I usually call an endpoint parse the JSON response and go from there.

SOAP - WSDL request in Go

I’m going to share one of my experiences while working using SOAP-WSDL technology with Golang.

Go serverless with SAM

It’s been almost a year since support for Go in AWS Lambda was announced at re:Invent 2017. Meanwhile the Serverless hype train has gained full steam.

mmap in Go considered harmful

Do you use syscall.Mmap in Go? There are high chances the answer is yes even if you are unaware of it.

Build Go Restful API in App Engine

Restful APIs are essential for communication between backend and frontend services. This post shows a simple scenario that builds up an API service in Go.

A big LITTLE Problem: A Tale of big.LITTLE Gone Wrong

The night of October 24, a question appeared on the #darkarts channel in the Gophers Slack (a group chat of ~33k Go programmers).


Building a JWT library in Golang

This article assumes you’re a programmer, have a solid idea of what JWT is and have an understanding of Golang.

Make your own CLI with Golang and Cobra

The framework Cobra provides a generator that adds boilerplate code for you. This is handy as you can focus on the logic of your CLI instead of parsing flags.

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Using Socket with Go, Vue and Android (originally in Portuguese)

I decided to write an article to show on a superficial level how to "talk" to different languages in real time using Socket.io.

How to make friends with Golang, Docker and GitLab CI

A simple way to build Golang apps with Docker in GitLab.

REST API app in Go: step-by-step tutorial (originally in Russian)

In this article we will look at how to create a REST API application in Go: the best step-by-step instructions using popular architecture.

Process CSV address info with Go and the HERE Geocoder API Learn how to use the HERE Geocoder REST API with Golang to process addresses in a CSV file in parallel using goroutines and other strategies.


Atom understands your code better than ever before Atom 1.32 provides improved syntax highlighting and code folding by parsing your code while you type it.

Introducing gqlgen: a GraphQL server generator for Go gqlgen is the best way to build a GraphQL server in Go and possibly even any language. This article looks at why and how we developed it.


What are some red flags for you in Go code reviews?

Reddit members share their red flags in the comment threads.

The war between Python and Go explained in 8 points Areas where Python and Google's Go compete each other.


Digital publishing for scale: The Economist and Gowww.infoq.com

Kathryn Jonas talks about The Economist’s struggles and victories in transitioning to Go and how Go has uniquely fit their digital publishing goals.

Emitter: Creating a simple Pub/Sub client in Go In this video we're going to create a simple MQTT publish-subscribe client in Go which uses a local Emitter broker.


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