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My JavaScript experience

jesuscovam profile image jesuscovam ・2 min read

JavaScript is a unique language in the history of programming languages, it has never been a language that would return so much opportunity for a developer to master. You can find a job in almost any tech area with it, here I'll lay down the paths I took that worker the best for my environment.

FrontEnd(UI) 📱 : There are multiples libraries in JavaScript for making user interfaces. I started with Vue.js, but it didn't take me much time to switch to React.js, the reason behind this change was the market opportunity for React is bigger, and Next.js (a meta framework on top of React) makes you look so good with little effort, AND the biggest JS community for mobile native development is also written in React, React Native.

Backend 🛠 : I do backend serverless, which means I don't rent a server to write code in it, I just focus on my business logic and ship that code to AWS, then expose over a GraphQL API, with App Sync, and use other services to give full security to my apps, like Authentication, Object storages, etc. The key difference is that as I am a single developer for most of my projects, I get to delegate the maintenance of the servers to a company for a really good price, and I just get to write the code that makes the apps work.

Extra👽 : There's also worth the effort to do geeky stuff with the options in the language, recently the JavaScript ecosystem is going to a better and faster compile direction, and services like Svelte are great to keep an eye on, also Deno, an alternative to Node (our main language for backend in JavaScript).

Conclusion 🔚 : JavaScript is ultra-friendly, the language has evolved in something reliable, there are a lot of opportunities and you just have to choose in an area that you like the most to specialize, I would open up that for the last year I mainly focus on learning to ship fast and big codebases, so I focused a lot on services like GraphQL, Next.js and AWS to faster my development process, but I lacked expressiveness on UI, so I'm looking forward get better at my CSS animations and transitions, I just prioritized the other for a time as I mostly do the full-stack role.

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