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Tosca Interview Questions

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Q1) What is Tosca?

Ans. Tosca is one of the popular continuous testing platforms developed by Tricentis. It accelerates testing with a no-code approach and script-less for end-to-end automation. This tool is used for both functional and regression testing. In addition to automation functions it offers, it also supports graphical user interface, application programming interface and command-line interface.

It helps you to:

Deliver fast feedback for DevOps and Agile
Decreases regression testing time
Maximizes maintainability and reusability
Integrates and extends existing test assets
Q2) What are the main components of Tosca?
Ans. The major components available in Tosca are:

Tosca Commander.
Tosca Executor.
Tosca XScan (Tosca Wizard)
Test Repository.

Q3) What are the advantages of using Tosca?

Ans. The advantages of using Tosca test suite are listed below:

Multiple Features in One Tool
Scriptless automation
Suitable for large scale operations
Test management
Mass updates
Reusability of assets
Supports Multiple Platforms
Quality Vendor Support
Easy to use Interface
Model-based automation

Q4) How to run Tests using ExecutionLists?

Ans. ExecutionLists in Tosca can be executed either by pressing the F6 key in the execution section or by selecting the Run option from the context menu. Select the ExecutionLists of your choice using Ctrl + left mouse button to run more than one ExecutionList. Check test object is already started before you run the ExecutionLists.

Q5) What are the ways to run tests in the ScratchBook?

Ans. The ScratchBook allows you to perform trial runs for your test cases. Objects like TestCases/TestCase folders and TestSteps can be run on this. The following options are available to run tests in the ScratchBook:

Run your objects immediately.
Add or arrange objects in the ScratchBook and then run them.

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