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Top Power BI Interview Questions-Mindmajix

The increasing demand for Business Intelligence tools leads to an exponential surge in the availability of BI jobs. Power BI is the leading and on-demand BI tool to which we can upload data and deliver throughout the organization. Today, many MNCs are looking for experts who can work on Power BI. This ultimate list of Power BI interview questions along with answers 2020 will help you gain expertise in Power BI and clear the interviews successfully.

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We have categorized Power BI Interview Questions into 3 levels that are:

For Freshers

For Experienced

Most Asked FAQ's

Power BI Interview Questions - For Freshers

  1. What is Power BI? Ans:

Power BI is a Business Analytics solution by Microsoft.
It is used to visualize business data from hundreds of data sources and share insights across your organization.
It is a cloud-based Self-Service BI tool which is collection of applications, connectors and software services used to organize raw data into informative content.

  1. What are the Different Components in Power BI? Ans: These are various Power BI components

Power BI Service:
Power BI Desktop
Power BI Services
Power BI Mobile
Power BI Gateway
Power BI Premium
Power BI Report Server
Power BI Embedded
Power Pivot
Power Query
Power Map
Power View
Data Management Gateway
Data Catalog
Power BI Q&A

  1. What are the Parts of Microsoft's Self-Service Business Intelligence Solutions? Ans: Microsoft Self-Service BI has two parts:

Excel BI Toolkit: Allows users to create reports interactively through data importing from distinct data sources as well as model data according to the requirement.

Power BI: It is the online solution that empowers users for sharing interactive reports and queries that you have created with Excel BI Toolkit.

  1. What is the Differentiate between Power BI and Power BI Pro?
    Ans: Power BI offers distinct kinds of features to help you get started in searching for data in a completely new way. Power BI Pro, on the other hand, caters with some additional features like scheduling data, live data sources, storage capacity, along with complete interactivity and much more.

  2. Define Excel BI Toolkit?
    Ans: Excel BI Toolkit allows users for creating an interactive report with importing data from a distinct range of sources and model data according to requirement.

  3. What is the Cost of Power BI?
    Ans: Both Power BI Desktop and Power BI are free of cost. For Power BI Pro, users have to pay $9.99 per month after a 60-day free trial.

  4. What does the term Power BI Desktop mean?
    Ans: Power BI Desktop is a free app that can be installed on your computer to work in cohesion with the Power BI service through offering shaping, modeling, data exploration, and report creation using high interactive visualizations. Furthermore, it allows you to save your all work to a file to publish reports and data to the Power BI site for sharing with others.

  5. What are the basics needed for using Power BI?

To use Power BI, you need to have a web browser and a work email address.
work email addresses finishing in .mil and .gov are not supported currently.

  1. What is the need of signing up with work email?
    Ans: Power BI does not email addresses provided by telecommunications providers and consumer email services, thus there is a need of signing up with work email.

  2. Name the work email addresses that are currently supported?
    Ans: Work email addresses that are finishing with .org and .edu are currently supported.

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