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Building a Photography site in Angular

I'm new here, so hopefully I'm doing this right. I've been spending my free time working on my side hustle as a photographer and decided to marry the two by building myself a new website.
My current stack is:
Angular 16,
Angular Material,
Entity Framework,
SQL Server and Mongo DBs,
Image and Media CDN on Azure,
all above hosted on Azure Cloud.
I'm building out a user management and auth system now to share galleries and photos, etc.
I thought I'd document some of the progress and share it as I go. Let me know if there's any specific interests I should focus on.
My most recent addition was theming if you're interested check it out in my walkthrough here:

But I'm looking for suggestions on cool features I should build out!

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New here but I just figured out how to post my blog directly here. See my new post on theme switching. Thanks!