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Text based diagramming

Update: I forgot to mention that I was utilizing plantuml.

I read an article about writing your diagrams in text rather than a graphical tool. This was a reminder to me as I had come across that for a sequence diagram I wrote. I've not been happy with the graphical choices out there. Generally they are filled with so many shapes and connectors I don't really know how to put it together.

Sequence diagram in text made sense. The flow was represented in the text, and the graphics render just made it that much clearer.

The next one I did was a component diagram, this time I was actually looking to visually represent an existing diagram to maintain familiarity while expanding on it. I have mixed feelings, but I was successful (mostly).

I did not need to size boxes place text and move around groups. I just had to define the relationships. That and the right groupings. And with the proper settings.

After learning some of the syntax nuances it became about specifying the right details. Because all of the connections details meant lines everywhere.

I'm going to try making additional diagrams, but I don't know how the maintenance will be. Your relationship are grouped, but what is the right grouping?

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