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This is a post for testers, equally applies to devs but they already do this.

Don't be the guy who opens up the test tool, loads in the test data and clicks the run button on your tests. (feel free to mentally replace test with check)

It is pretty standard for developers to stand up a build box and have their code compiled and unit tested on a remote server. It is also common to only accept builds from this server, never sending a package off the developer computer to production.

But in testing this is the norm. Results are produced from a tester machine, their settings and their test data, many times the test results are fixed up after manual testing before anyone else sees it.

Instead look at having tests executed by a different system. If that means setting up Jenkins separate from the devs do it.

I decided to write this after seeing

And if you're going to us postman you will need Newman.


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If only my company allowed us access to the Jenkins box to update Chrome so headless Protractor can run :(


That's my point, point them to this post and explain, some random dude says so.


Heh, it's our DevOps team that won't listen, not my devs. My devs would just tell me not to break deployments too badly.