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Releasing the Nexus Guide 2020

jessehouwing profile image Jesse Houwing Originally published at on ・1 min read

Releasing the Nexus Guide 2020

After the release of the Scrum Guide 2020, it was inevitable we'd release an updated version of the Nexus Guide and the Scaled Professional Scrum class as well.

It's only a short document, but being short, concise, and truly clear all at once is hard, so Patricia, Kurt, Simon and I spent many hours wordsmithing each paragraph.

You can listen to us all discussing the changes in this episode of the Scrum Community Podcast:

Updates to the Nexus Guide based on Scrum Guide 2020 - In this episode of the Community Podcast, Patricia Kong and Kurt Bittner from discuss changes made to the Nexus Guide in January 2021 based on the most recent 2020 Scrum Guide update with Jesse Houwing and Simon Flossmann, Professional Scrum Trainers and Scaled Professional Scrum...

And you can read the latest version of the Nexus Guide here:

The Nexus™ Guide - This Guide Describes Nexus, the Framework for Scaling Scrum Releasing the Nexus Guide 2020

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