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Discussion on: GitHub to replace racially-loaded terms (master, slave, blacklist and whitelist)

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Jesse Houwing • Edited

Yeah, those pipelines were a bit more work. With config as code it's mostly a simple search and replace. And some folks inside GitHub already seem to be looking into a more platform supported option to reduce the fallout.

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Saša Zejnilović

A note, if I may. Not every pipeline is a DevOps pipeline that can even be defined in code. There are process pipelines and tools that do not allow this.

Let's say you are a corporation with GithubEnterprise and you depend on another 3-rd party git tool. GitHub changes master to main but your 3-rd party provider did not yet update. What now?

As a QA (mainly) I shiver whenever people say "simple" and even more with "search and replace".

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Jesse Houwing

It was in my case, but then again, I own almost every step in my process. And I use different branch names in some other cases already.

In complex environments I'd take a more cautious approach, maybe start using automation, like GitHub actions to sync master to main. Roll out hooks to detect dependencies on master etc. That way you can take the slow and cautious approach.