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Quip 2020 Diversity Scholarship

jesseditson profile image Jesse Ditson ・1 min read

Hey there! I work for Quip, a Salesforce company - every year for the last 5 years we've run a program where we offer a small scholarship for diverse tech students, and I'd love to see some applicants come from this community. Obviously with the pandemic making everyone nervous, we're also seeing our responses lower than normal, which is a bit disappointing. I've worked on prior years directly and can vouch for the impact it can have, and I absolutely love hearing about the applicants every year, it's incredibly inspiring.

If you fit the description please apply (and reach out if you have questions), and if not, please share with your network! Things are crazy, and I'm hoping this could help motivate someone to continue their journey.

Here's the company blurb:

Applications for 2020 Quip Diversity Scholarship are now being accepted. Winners will be invited to a full day of learning and mentorship. Each winner will also receive $5,000 toward their education. For details and eligibility, see our blog post:


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aju profile image
Aju Tamang

Hi Jesse, it's awesome but I don't have any recommendation letter.How can I approach for that ?

edeediong profile image
Edidiong Etuk

Hi Jesse thanks for sharing. No way to make it remote 🙈🙈

kiss profile image
Luisa Marieth Morales

Hey, I wondered this too. The blog post on the Quip site says: "The day of learning and mentorship has historically been hosted in San Francisco. Given COVID-19, this may be hosted virtually for the 2020 scholarship winners." Given the state of the situation right now, I think it's safe to assume it'll be remote.

edeediong profile image
Edidiong Etuk

Alright! Let me shoot my shot. Thanks a lot Luisa.

jess profile image
Jess Lee (she/her)

Thanks for sharing, Jesse!

chrismane profile image

Sounds good.

barbarafagundes profile image
Barbara Fagundes

Hello Jesse, I couldn't find any link to an application. I accessed the blog post link you provided but there is no link that directs me to an application form. How can I apply? Thanks!

krysal profile image
Krystle Salazar

Hi Barbara, I found this google form link in the article to apply: Quip Diversity Scholarship 2020 Application Form.

nomaxxre profile image

Sounds interesting, new opportunities for those who seek knowledge. I was at their place once, and for sure I can tell, it's a life-changing experience. I was lucky to receive my scholarship when applied at one of the best criminal justice college. Took my fathers steps, and we are both happy that have the same perception towards important things. We want to make the world a better place. After visiting the list for criminal justice programs online and shared my desires where I want to go to study with my parents, they agreed and supported me. It was tremendous happiness. Now I have a job, and it takes almost all my time to do it good. Besides that, the baby is on board and soon we will see each other. This happiness is very overwhelming.

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Everything on the list except white males?