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How to Host your Website/App on Netlify from GitHub

"Netlify is a web developer platform that multiplies productivity. By unifying the elements of the modern decoupled web, from local development to advanced edge logic, Netlify enables a 10x faster path to much more performant, secure, and scalable websites and apps. A powerful server less platform with an intuitive git-based workflow"

Basically we can say Netlify is a platform in which developers can easily host their web applications, right from their git/GitHub and configure the deployment/build settings to their taste.

We are going to look at hosting simple websites and web Apps on Netlify.

Create a Netlify Account

Go to Netlify's website and click on sign up or go directly so sign up and create a netlify account.
Sign up

Click to sign up with GitHub, then enter your username and Password. Then verify your mail
Alt Text

Now you are signed in

You are then taken to a redirect page, your home account pageAlt Text

Upload sites from your GitHub repositories

In order to do so, click on the 'new site from Git' button, then choose the Git provider where your site’s source code is hosted. Which is GitHub
Alt Text

Choose the repository you want to link to your site on Netlify. When you push to Git, Netlify runs your build tool of choice on their servers and deploy the result.

Build Settings

After you've chosen the repository you want to host on netlify, you would have to configure your build settings. Like what Branch of the Repository you are deploying and the basic build settings if you are using a Static site generator e.g. Gatsby, Hugo, Jekyll etc.

Note: For hosting without a build tool or static site generator, Deploy without inputting any basic build settings
Alt Text

Once that is done, your site has been successfully deployed to netlify and you are taken to the dashboard of your newly deployed website. On the dashboard you'll find the URL to your site. Click on it to view your site.

Alt Text
Most times netlify gives you a default domain. Now you can change the site name by clicking the site settings and navigating to the change site name button or add your own domain by opening the domain settings section.
Alt Text

So there you have it, your website has been successfully hosted on Netlify.

Building and hosting a static website will help you save money in the long run. Also, with Netlify Edge, your website and applications will be super-fast using global distribution and automated pre-rendering.

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