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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ・1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small 🎉

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy 😄

Happy Friday!


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I've now had five (!!!) Pull Requests merged into open source projects! This closes one of my biggest programming bucket list items 😃 And I'm still making more, so its only going to go up from here.


I think this is a win for all of us. 🙂


Great job!! its people like you that make my project and so many others possible.


Thanks so much for the encouragement! I’ve always wanted to get involved with open source and it’s exciting to dive into it and have accepted changes


I gathered the courage (thanks to my BFFs) to ask for my a full-time position for a company I was freelancing and now I got my first Jr. web dev job!!!


My win was to learn how to securely deploy a telegram bot using heroku docker and python and make a PR about it in a subject I used to love back in University about cloud computing. It's been a lot of fun!


Hi, can i know more about that ? and what is the applies possibility ( sorry for my english i try ^^)

Bonsoir serait t'il possible d'en savoir plus sur le fonctionnement des bots telegram et les applications intéressante ?


Oui, mais les informations que j'ai écrites sont en espagnol parce que sont pour avoir aidé un sujet à l'université au Granada. La majeure partie est basée sur ce lien (angalis): medium.com/python4you/creating-tel...

Mais mon code est ici aussi: github.com/JJ/IV/tree/master/ejemp...

Pardon mon françoise aussi, je ne parle tres bien.


I passed my Rails & Javascript review a few hours ago! I did not realize there would be a quiz, and after stumbling in the beginning (I'm looking at you hoisting and scope) but my instructor said I was the first one so far to correctly answer the last function/scope quiz question.

I built a game in vanilla JS with a ruby on rails backend for my project. It was a lot of fun! I'll write some more posts about my process, etc when I have time. For now, it can be played and downloaded locally.

GitHub logo scrabill / food-or-foe

How many food emoji can you correctly identify in 30 seconds?

Food or Foe?

How many food emoji can you correctly identify in 30 seconds?

Each correct answer is worth 1 point. A wrong answer decreases your score by 1 point.

At the end of a round, add your name and score to the leaderboard!

Happy guessing!

Screnshot of Food or Foe?


git clone https://github.com/scrabill/food-or-foe.git
cd food-or-foe/backend
rails db:migrate
rails db:seed
rails s

To play, open frontend/index.html in a browser. If you encounter any bugs or glitches while playing, please open an issue so that I can look into finding a fix.

API Endpoints

Food or Foe? has three models, each of which can be accessed at the following endpoints.


Is this game missing your favorite emoji?

To contribute, please make a pull request with at least the name of the emoji, it's character and if it is a food or not to the backend/db/seeds.rb file.

Here's how I would…


I launched my new side project: hypevizz.com 🎉

It's a custom made blog on Firebase dedicated for data visualization.

You can learn more about it in the dev.to post I wrote.

Here's a capture of the first visualization:

TeamTrees Donations


I celebrated 6 years of marriage with my wife, toured the USS Yorktown (carrier), and received and accepted a job offer to become an instructor at a local bootcamp.


Finished my first 2 months at DEV and it couldn’t have been a better experience ❤️


Also finally had the really last session in a dental treatment that started in early November. So glad this is over.


I wrote my first post on dev.to that got 700+ views and 3 awesome comments.



Started a new job last week, there wasn't much in the way of a formal onboarding but I was able to pick things up and resolve tickets. This week several of my colleagues expressed their happiness to have me on the team and impressed with how quickly I picked things up.


Increased overall test coverage for a large codebase from >30% to around 79% in one day. Some of them could be better...


Started writing blog posts again!

One about my first year as a dev, and one about Eleventy w/GitHub Pages


Cleared AWS Certified Machine Learning - Specialty Exam

Started writing the rest of the series

Started an OSS project - k8sgen

GitHub logo wingkwong / k8sgen

Generating Kubenetes Resource Configurations in an Interactive CLI


k8sgen is an utility which is designed to guide users to build their Kubernetes resources in an interactive CLI.

Build Status Stability:Experimental License: MIT


k8sgen jumpstart - jumpstart a resource file

This command utilises kubectl to create a jumpstart version of a resource file.

k8sgen jumpstart
? What kind of object you want to create? [Use arrows to move, type to filter]
> Deployment
? What deployment you want to name? my-deployment
? What image you want to name to run? busybox

? Please select an output format yaml
> yaml

? What directory you want to save? /home/wingkwong/deployment.yaml


apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  creationTimestamp: null
    app: my-deployment
  name: my-deployment
  replicas: 1
      app: my-deployment
  strategy: {}

Finally got back to coding after some issues (good an less good) and working on a new product, named OMNITED.
This is built from words Omni (all) and United and is about solving the problem of having conversations with different peoples on different channels.

I put a very very simple first LP online: omnited.com.

Based on my own "framework" and Stack (used also with with kunvenu.com) #go, #vue, #arangodb, #redis, #nsq and Rancher/Docker I did this week full reg/auth flow with GUI, Team and Space management.


Can you please share your feedback on ArangoDB?


Releasing a small tool I had created to scan a clients API.

It generates a basic report as well as try requesting the most common urls.

It let me find a lot of urls for admin dashboards that were not secured.



I took a leap of faith and outsourced some design work for a website front-end - usually I'd do it all myself. The designer delivered above and beyond, meaning the site will look better than I had imagined, and I can offload a lot more design an increase capacity. Happy to see the business growing in the right direction.


I launched my open source project to create web components with typescript and published my first post in dev.to about it dev.to/tx2z/create-web-components-... \o/


We enabled plugins for our side project GuideChimp
As of now, there is a couple of build-in plugins (Multi Page, Google Analytics) and want to encourage developers to create plugins for their or 3pp services; e.g.

  • Surveys
  • Feedback
  • Embedded Content
  • ... and many others

Yesterday I was offered a chance to teach computer science in a primary school (basically, teaching the basics of computers, operating systems, Word and Excel). Since I'm teaching at the local university, it is a big challenge for me because I've never worked with kids, but I really love teaching, so I hope to be up to the challenge.


After work, I didn't buy a beer and went straight to home.


I learned how to make GitHub actions and made and entry in the actions hackathon.


I got my first developer job! From mechanic to working as an interactive front end developer at Macy's.


Released a new version of Ara and I am starting the roll out of improvements for localization in the backend. I also started working some new ui elements in Ara.


At work, I deployed my very first app to production. SO EXCITED!


I wrote my second post this week and now preparing my #shecoded blog! ✨


I started a side project in python which helps me compile python to html.. I've always wanted to use python from frontend to backend.


I finally added a staging stage to my Gitlab-CI pipelines.

Now, if only my site had some actual content 😅😅😅


I've got accepted in an internship!
It's a big deal for me because now I'll learn how to work in a professional environment.
I'm so excited about this!


I received a few likes on my dev.to posts. That was pretty cool.


Concent v2.0 released, that is my proud this week.


Well, after four years of struggle, discarding 90%-done-versions etc, I've finally redesigned and recoded my personal website. Feel free to see it: buszewski.com.


Started reading "Docker in action v2" and after that I've managed to create image I needed for my task.


First, I wrote my second post in this year and at work after two dates I solved a problem with a new functionality in my app!


I made my first dev post...yaayy


I started #100DaysOfCode. To help me learn better and build projects.


Mine was I didn’t get gaslit or annoyed by all the men taking over women’s day, and trying to centre themselves — or the women who enable them to do so :D


I launched my first thing in product hunt! producthunt.com/posts/team-img

And also, someone wants to use it ♥️ made me feel so good to make something that other people will make use of!