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What was your win this week?

jess profile image Jess Lee (she/her) ใƒป1 min read


Looking back on your week -- what was something you're proud of?

All wins count -- big or small ๐ŸŽ‰

Examples of 'wins' include:

  • Getting a promotion!
  • Starting a new project
  • Fixing a tricky bug
  • Cleaning your house...or whatever else that may spark joy ๐Ÿ˜„


Happy Friday!


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I got this badge which motivated me to write more here:

DEV badge

Also, I wrote feedback for the homepage of DEV which was definitely worked on by suggestions with other wonderful people in this community.

I was mentioned for the first time for feedback in this:


figured out the branding / got something up on the internet for my newest side project [fart.bar]


Okay, you can't just name a website fart.bar and not say anything else about it :p


I (finally) completed and delivered two proposals to potential clients.
I made a bunch of progress on two other projects currently in development.
And I made time to play golf with my son and take him to Galaxy's Edge (East).


Awww man, so jealous about Galaxy's Edge. How did you like it?


It's mind-blowing if you're a Star Wars fan. This was our fifth or sixth time there. We didn't even go on Smuggler's Run (and we still haven't made it on to Rise of the Resistance) but we had a great time.

We went on Star Tours (for the millionth time) and got a completely new version, with lots and lots of Rise of Skywalker clips. Very cool.

Man, that even sounds awesome! Experience reports like this really make us poor Europeans question our existence haha. Glad you guys get to enjoy it. This is the way!


I launched! Well, I announced the start of something, at least, and I'm really excited for it all.

I put out...a podcast, and a website, and a roadmap, and a blog post explaining it all -

Putting my project out in front of people is an experiment, but I'm hoping it'll garner me some support, and help keep momentum high. ๐Ÿค˜


Learned a lot more about Istio, Envoy, and TLS. ๐Ÿคฏ

Specifically, I learned about alpn, how Istio configures Envoy to route based on it, and how it can be set using OpenSSL's s_client. My path ultimately led to this... ๐Ÿ˜‚

echo -e "GET /headers HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: s-07a0552a-e09a-4ac7-a4b7-f036921f99d7.cf-workloads.svc.cluster.local\r\n" | openssl s_client -quiet     -CAfile /etc/certs/root-cert.pem     -cert /etc/certs/cert-chain.pem     -key /etc/certs/key.pem     -servername s-07a0552a-e09a-4ac7-a4b7-f036921f99d7.cf-workloads.svc.cluster.local     -connect s-07a0552a-e09a-4ac7-a4b7-f036921f99d7.cf-workloads.svc.cluster.local:8080 -alpn istio

Started learning VueJS!
Just in 4 days, I've learned things such as (single file) components, computed and basic methods, watchers, passing data around and between components, and working with them, conditional+list rendering, props etc. And today I have learned the basics of Vue Router :)

VueJS is truly amazing, I'm loving it!

The next big step is to learn working with back-end while using VueJS for front-end

  1. Gave praise to folks at work
  2. Published a post on map that took me so long to finish.
  3. Fixed an issue with my local nix package manager that has been bothering me for a couple of weeks

I wrote the beginnings of an introduction to clientside web APIs!

Heres the first one :)


I would love feedback from anyone that has time to read them. There are 4 posts in the series right now!


I made my first post on #showdev for my very first published library MqttTopicBuilder
I'm still learning so many things this is very challenging !
I also registered with a friend for a huge coding challenge and we are pretty hyped !


We shipped a project I had a pleasure working on and it was one of the first AND the biggest pieces of work I've been involved in here so far :)


I've just started to learn C. I'm pretty excited about it 'cause it can help me to study other topics later.


Last week, I put up a post dev.to/zakwillis/do-you-know-of-a-...
The post was asking if anybody knew of a tool to scan inboxes, encrypt and manage data, and save the results to a database or the like so I could do reporting on it.

In the end, I wrote my own tool in SQL Server, C#, using Mailkit. Planning to release it as a software tool. Took around 3.5 days to get core functionality working.


My pull request was merged into dev.to :)


I got a custom scroll bar setup on my personal website waylonwalker.com


I was a guest on the very cool DBAle podcast ๐Ÿค˜


I am starting a new data scientist position on Wednesday! Very excited for the new challenge.

Also, my blog alexgonzalezc.dev is starting to get some regular visits. ๐Ÿš€
Now I just need to start cross-posting to DEV. ๐Ÿ’ช


I squeezed out a responsive webapp with a database and everything, from blank page to working demo, in under 24 hours without using a framework. That's a first, timing-wise.


I got accepted to speak at Stir Trek, my "home" developer conference. This was my first time applying to this conference and it'll be an honor to speak there on May 1st. This will be my second talk at a conference.


Zebra's DataWedge API - performing a scan doesn't automatically update the view in an Angular application. ApplicationRef.tick() saved my sanity.


I am leading a React codebase (by default) and I have barely wrote any react, Angular and Vue but never React. So now I'm feeling pretty pleased to have something displaying on a document I am working on that almost works.


I got a new job the last week and the first new feature for their app it's done! I learned a lot of Clean Architecture because there is no other android dev here but me ahaha


I managed to publish two template projects and their corresponding blog posts on dev.to :)


Integration of Node Rest API with ReactJS


Finally kicked off and signed the contract for a new project! Built Phase 1 of their dashboard in 2018-19 and finally knocked out the requirements and additions for Phase 2!


I got a section done on my personal project! I didn't get a chance to test it, so it's not complete, but I'm happy to have gotten to this point! My schedule has been a little bananas lately.


Learned about progressive web apps and created a mini app that can cache all data loaded through an api to a local IndexedDB! ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿป


I won my first dev contributor badge! ๐ŸŽ‰



Full-time employment at a great organization ๐Ÿ˜

Converted from being a contractor for the last year and half, and moving into a Senior role ๐Ÿคฏ


With only a couple of months to the launch date; the name for our project!


This week was great! I got my 4 weeks of consecutive writing badge and I ordered my first mechanical keyboard. Very exciting stuff.


Done a coding dojo @ my work ๐ŸŽ‰


Got 100% on my 2 pass assembler and vm assignment/project in school that I'm using to get better at rust with, which is pleasantly surprising for me


I knocked out a bug early in the week that was tricky to find and fix! ๐Ÿž


I started a new project this week at work and had a lot of fun prototyping new ideas :)


I got accepted to CppOnSea where I'll talk about undefined behaviour in the standard template library! Woohoo!


Yesterday I finally started on my Arduino pet project - kind of a synthisizer. Managed to output a little melody on the push of a button and change pitch of melody via a potentiometer. Yay !


Auditing the infra, taking the first steps to move out the team out of click ops to a more controlled and structured ops practices. Playing around with terraformer and terraform to get started.


My code went to production, and some serious money being transferred over the blockchain because of it.

I didn't even realise the scale of financial impact until the day after.