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While it's fresh in my mind, the longest comment I've ever written on my phone 😅

  • They're really proud of PWA conversion numbers. XYZ company increased sales by 20% and time spent on site increased by 50%. I'm interested in how the relationship between web and native will continue to evolve with one another.

  • Some neat AR things: multi player capabilities and augmented images within the experience. The cute fox guide to tell you which direction to go with Google lens is also neat and useful.

  • I see material theming being exciting for companies that really care about their brand.

  • They're really encouraging building for the Google Assistant. The Slices API gives companies a lot more reason to build for it.

  • Lighthouse 3.0 should be more accurate and offer better actions. Do any of you use lighthouse as part of your CI?

  • I want to move to Arizona to be a waymo tester!

  • Async-first debugging and Eager evaluation in chrome dev tools seem really useful. I'm looking forward to the dev tools talk tomorrow.


Any mentions of flutter? It seems like a really promising alternative to react native. I also happen to have a soft spot for dart :)


There are a bunch of sessions on combining Flutter with Marterial Components or Firebase


Am I the only one who thinks "time spent on site" is a bad metric? I want my users to be done and gone in a flash. If you have to flail about to get work done then I've failed.

Obviously it's different for social sites, but is that even a particularly large slice of websites?


I agree. Hopefully it can be contextualized alongside something qualitative.


I haven't informed about the metric technicalities but.. if you keep a low "time spent on site" metric then it should be helpful or not?


For my lab, the end product is a huge file of genomic data, for which people spend up to thousands of dollars of grant money, so people come here, do their work and leave.

For a newspaper site, for example, the goal is to get people reading, which exposes them to ads, which pay the bills. Here, "time spent on site" is exactly the metric at play.

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