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KeePass on my Windows computers, along with Keepass2Android on my phone, and sync via DropBox / Google Drive (password database file is encrypted by KeePass).

Both are free and open source.

This has worked really well for years.

Ports are available for Linux, Mac, IOS, etc.


I wanted to do this but I always feared one thing: Does this mean that if I update one password somewhere, I have to keep downloading the files in all clients I need? So, if I update one password, I need to update all copies in all clients?


Yes, you do.
Those are passwords manager, non sync client : I like the Unix-like philosophy of doing one thing.
I keep my encrypted password db in sync with gogole drive, but you can use whatever you want.
I know people who are sending themselves the db every time they update something, ugly for me, but it it works for then then +1


Like @dbh mentions in another thread, storing the Vault file in Dropbox or another similar cloud-based folder can be a solution for this. The file is encrypted at rest, so it's a fairly safe thing to do. Then the only place you need to sync it occasionally is your phone!


This is exactly what I do too except that I use KeePassXC which started as a community fork of KeePassX.


Keepassx is great, I use it for ssh keys with its embedded ssh agent and 2f@ secret, that I store along with qrcode for quick setup.


Same! I use Dropbox for synchronizing the master file. I can then access it from KeePass (or some variant ) on a Mac, 1 windows laptop, and a PowerBook laptop, and a Linux box.

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