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What is your Supabase workflow? - Beginner question

I'm a beginner who just started using Supabase (and postgres). I love it and for my needs, it feels like a step up from Firebase.

How do you work on Supabase with bigger projects?

  • What external tools can you recommend?
  • What best are the best practices when it comes to Supabase development?

So many of the articles I find are just about simple authentication or adding one function with basic row level security, but not too many dig much deeper than that.

I am finding it difficult to keep track of my functions, row level security rules etc.

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A git based workflow is sorely lacking. I find myself hesitant to touch the database because reverting changes is often a pain.

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leob • Edited

Not true anymore apparently - there is a local development workflow:

You spin up a local env, and you do your migrations and all that based on code files, storing everything in Git - it's apparently even what they recommend, quote:

"Doing things directly on the platform via the Dashboard is fine when you're getting started, but it's a good idea to move to a proper local workflow before you get too far. Working locally, generating migrations as you change your tables, and applying those migrations to a linked project on the Platform keeps everything nicely organized as you grow."

The local development 'mode' does not even require a connection to the "Supabase cloud".

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Best practice is to use a local development workflow:

See more details in my other comment below.