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I just found this awesome EU Banking API for personal use


I was looking to get a grip on my finances this year, but after looking into it I didn't find any apps suitable to my needs. I live in Poland and most of the offerings seem to be very US centric. I like data visualization so I figured it can't be that hard to roll out my own solution. Here's where I first learned about the concept of Open Banking and how I found Nordigen.
Despite the looks of this post, I am not affiliated with Nordigen in any way, I'm just very excited to play with my own financial data and see what I can come up with 😁🤑

What is Open Banking?

Open banking, under European PSD2 regulation, aims to democratize the access to financial data, increase competition in financial sector and drive innovation. The tldr is that banks in European Economic Area are required to provide standardized, open access to financial data. From what I see it's a fairly new and exciting field. It fully went into effect on 31st of Dec 2020.
I don't feel knowledgeable enough about the subject yet to provide definitive answers, I recommend reading these:

Ok, but what's the deal with Nordigen.

Nordigen allows you to connect multiple bank accounts to their service and use their simple API to query it. I've just done it myself and considering that it's banking that we're talking about it was super easy. Anyone could do it.

Nordigen boasts that it's available in 31 EEA countries and allows connection to 2197 banks.

Image description

You can connect your banks and get a feel for it before using the API

Nordigen has a simple, pretty barebones dashboard for account information. You can connect your bank accounts and View Transactions as JSON
Nordigen account list

Nordigen transaction view

What do you think about it? Can you recommend any other bank/financial APIs or services?

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