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My Graduation Project Experience

Hey, I am Nikhil Upadhyay and this is the first time I am writing a blog post on any platform so it may be a short one. I've completed my graduation with Physics as my major subject. I like physics very much but when it comes to deep theoretical physics it becomes vulnerable and I am saying this from my experience that's why I like experimental physics very much.
So, This was the time of my end semester and there is rule to complete a major project under a supervisor before you graduate. So, my department allotted me a professor Dr. Raktim Abir (Core Area- Quantum Chromodynamics and Chaotic Systems). During my graduation I learned some programming Languages like C/C++ and some Python so when I first met my Professor he nicely talked to me and asked me a first question "Nikhil, this is your last semester so would you like to tell me how was your experience in this department or this course?" then this discussion goes on. As I told him about that I want to change my subject from physics to Computer Science, so he gave me a topic which is related to Computer Science and Physics "Cellular Automaton". Like you I also didn't hear that name before so I go to my friend Google and research on my own. During this project, I have to study "What is Cellular Automaton and how this work?" and also I have to make some algorithms for famous Cellular Automaton models like Game of Life and Abelian Sandpile's Model. I got to know a YouTube channel TheCodingTrain from Prof. Daniel Shiffman ,he is pretty smart and funny guy and I saw his tutorial then I got familiar and then it takes 3 months and finally I submitted my Project and gave the presentation. That's It!!
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