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Laravel Livewire: an introduction

Jeroen van Rensen
Hi, I'm Jeroen van Rensen and I'm from the Netherlands. I enjoy making websites using the TALLstack (Tailwind CSS, Alpine JS, Laravel and Livewire)
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Laravel Livewire is a great framework for creating interactive web apps without writing any JavaScript. In this tutorial we're going to make a few components using Laravel Livewire so we can see the power of this framework.

Setting up

Important: Livewire requires you to use Laravel.

You can install Livewire using Composer:

composer require livewire/livewire
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Next, you have to include Livewire's assets on your page:

<livewire:styles /> <!-- Styles -->
<livewire:scripts /> <!-- Scripts -->
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And that was it! Now you can use Livewire.

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Discussion (1)

wulfheart profile image

This is barely an introduction. 😂