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You want an article on a topic ? Tell me, I'll write it

...Or at least I'll try πŸ˜…

I love to share some knowledge and get discussion about it. But from a few weeks, I got a miss of inspiration.

I don't really know which topics could interest you. So I ask you today if you got some topic where you want some information.

BTW, I a mixed developer (Back & Front), working with PHP, JS and obviously HTML/SCSS, I love to discover new tools and the kind of interest about privacy. That's some examples of topics where I can go pretty deep (a tutorial on a specific point, explanation of a specific mecanic...). But if you got any idea on another point, let's ask them too, I'll take a look on it, and that can also inspire somebody else

PS: I always write my article in French & English, so if you want an article you can't find specifically in one of those languages, let's go

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Andrew Baisden • Edited

Shameless plug I have a list of 100 topic ideas πŸ˜„

100 blog topic ideas for your next article - No more writers block

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Thanks for this list, I took note of some of your ideas which seem interesting to meπŸ‘Œ

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Andrew Baisden

Thanks glad I could be of help.

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