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Exit Vim How to exit Vim

Jeremy Schuurmans
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To exit Vim:

  1. If you are in edit mode, first press the esc key.
  2. Then enter :wq + return to save and exit.

To exit without saving, you can run :q! + return

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David Wickes

Come now, we're just scratching the surface...

Given you're in command mode:

  • :wqa will write, quit all buffers (in case you have more than one)
  • :x will also save and quit
  • :ex as above
  • ZZ will save and quit
  • ZQ will just quit
  • :1,5wq will save only lines 1 to 5 and quit

There's more. A lot more. Interested? :h quit will take you to the Vim help section on quitting.

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Jeremy Schuurmans Author

Haha! Absolutely! I was hoping for comments just like this. Thank you, and keep the Vim tricks coming!

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Ben Lovy

It's rare that you would ever want to

You must be far more organized than I am. I feel like I do this all the time.

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Jeremy Schuurmans Author • Edited

That's fair. I wish I was much more organized than I am. It was just drilled in me by all my teachers to never close my editor without saving, so I do it almost as a reflex. I used Atom before starting to learn Vim, and would always <Ctrl-S> before exiting, so now it's :wq all the time.

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Ben Lovy • Edited

I think part of it is that I also use Vim as a quick way to just read a file, to reference it or check a value. When I do that, I want to ensure I haven't inadvertently made an edit. Vim is helpful in that it defaults to normal mode, but :q! gives me some extra peace of mind that I haven't done something dumb.

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Jeremy Schuurmans Author

Good point! I'll keep that in mind for the future as well. I'm looking forward to learning all the things I can do with it aside from writing code more efficiently.

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Mike Lockhart


"How do I undo in vim? Ugh. I hate vim. Stuff this, I'll do it over."

ESC :q!

goes to find a friendly editor, or SCP the file to workstation

SSHFS and VS-Code's remote extension are saving my sanity.

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Matthew Collison • Edited

It's day 728

I'm still stuck in Vim

With 2.54839e30 possible key-press combinations, it has become evident that my human typing capabilities alone are not going to brute force the phrase that will allow my exit

I am now on the 7th revision of my quantum computer program in an attempt to solve this issue

Send help

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Ghislain LEVEQUE • Edited

To exit without saving, I suggest

:!kill -9 $PPID

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Chris Stead

I was taught to pronounce :wq as "write and quit" and :q! As "quit, dammit". 😊

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Mike Lockhart • Edited

I wish I could find the original where I saw this...

Gandalf, reading a battered old file from the server:

They have taken the bridge… and the second hall.
We have barred the gates… but cannot hold them for long. The ground shakes.
Drums… drums… in the deep
:wq :w :q!
A shadow moves in the dark
:x :x! :quit :help
^Z ^C ^X ^[^[x ^D
We cannot get out. They are coming

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Vlastimil Pospichal

... shell commands

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Dinesh Pandiyan

To remember when to use :wq and :q! without getting confused, I always say it out loud.

wq = write (to disk) and quit
q! = quit without writing (to disk)

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John Johnson

Please can someone tell me why this rugged editor is worth using.

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Sudheer Techy

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Super lol

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