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José Aponte
José Aponte

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Who's listening LoFi Girl on Youtube at High Resolution?

I like to listen to this stream (Lofi Girl) a lot when I'm programming. The thing is: I always set the resolution to 144p. I have a good internet connection but I don't like Youtube to be bufferiing a video on high (or even normal) resolution if I'm not watching.

So, I just want to know if there are people who listen to music on Youtube at high resolution ( 720p or More) and why.

Happy Coding!

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I do, when I do listen to that stream.(1080p)
Because that's my default setting and I don't have to worry about buffering, really.

I usually do not experience buffering on youtube.
Neither at work(~300Mbps/Glassfiber) or at home(~150Mbps/Cable).
When I have problems at home it's usually rather the connection dropping completely ever so often... Thanks Vodafone. :)

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José Aponte

I see! so you let YouTube to choose automatically. Of course, If you have a very good internet connection, then I think it doesn't matter which resolution is set. Thank you for your feedback!