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To move or not to move

I currently have my website and web applications on my Hostinger account. Yes! That means it runs on LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) server.

Last year I started working on a mobile project for a client. It's a project that involves Flutter (for the mobile app), firebase and Angular (for the Admin site). I learned a lot about Firebase and its features, I recently started to think about moving all my apps and site to Firebase. The main items from my list of things hosted on LAMP are:

  • My Website.
  • My blog (Wordpress)
  • My project management system (Kanboard)
  • My store (Opencart)
  • The rest of websites and apps that are not relevant.

So, I have my concerns! The website is not a problem because it is a simple HTML 5 website and the contact form is managed by typeform.

The main concern is my blog. It is small (I have only 5 posts) but Wordpress is easy to use and I believe it handles the CEO good. If I switch, I might use HUGO and connect it to firebase.

For the store, I know I will have to build something integrated to firebase. And the same thing goes for the project management System (although the last one is more easy because it doesn't include the payment headache the store has).

I want to stop depending on PHP for these things and also reduce the cost. I'm paying ~250$ a Year on my current hostinger plan. Switching to the Blaze plan on Firebase will be a lot cheaper (a lot!) and I will handle the development. But I also want to see your opinions on this and if you think it's worth it.

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