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Is it just my phone or is heavy?

jeoxs profile image José Aponte ・1 min read

I have A Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini with the latest official update (6.0.1) and latest version of Chrome and Android Web View. I notice that behaves good on the browser except when I swipe to open the sidebar (each one). The page starts to lag until I close the sidebar.

This feature works good with other websites that I have visited. I want to learn about PWA and want to know if this is something related to my hardware limitation or something else.

Thank you in advance for reading :)

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Ryan Smith • Edited

I have also experienced it. I'm not familiar with the codebase, but I did a little debugging in the browser. I posted my findings on the GitHub issue:

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ryan3E0 commented on Feb 10, 2019

I think this may have something to do with the service worker making a huge amount of requests. On the standard desktop view it only triggers network requests when hovering over a link. Shrinking down the browser then opening the sidebar makes it go out of control. image

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José Aponte Author

Oh my! Thank you. I'm very interested in this issue and will create the issue there (First will check if there isn't one already)! Good find!

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You're not alone!

My LG G6 struggles after I open the sidebar also.

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Mikael Klages

Just tested on my Pixel 1, also started lagging when the side-bar opened

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José Aponte Author

It's good to know I'm now the only one!

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Fernando B 🚀

Samsung Note9, with 8.1 I didn't even know there were sidebars until now lol. Yes they are a bit laggy.