Discussion on: How do you respond to recruiters?

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Jen Miller

I have a standard template I if the recruiter appears to have taken some time to see if I'm a candidate for the job. If I think it's a bot or the description doesn't match my skill set at all, I'll ignore it. If I'm on contract, the message usually includes things like:
1) I'm on a contract and not willing to break it
2) The time I'm going to start considering new contracts
3) Kinds of work I'm interesting it.

On Twitter, many people tend to hate on recruiters, but they are just doing their job and are usually under immense pressure. The last few years have been good for developers but there have been bad times too so I always recommend keeping in contract with a small handful of good recruiters. When the market goes bad, and it will at some point, you have a few recruiters that feel you will provide value to their clients (and make them money but in turn, advocate for you).

I've worked with many recruiters and if a trusted recruiter advocates one of their candidates, we definitely notice.