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Discussion on: How do you describe your job to family?

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Jen Miller • Edited on

yeah, interesting. When I don't want to continue the conversation, I usually say something like "I build websites" and end with that. Even my least tech savvy relatives have used websites before.

For my more technically inclined relatives, I go a bit deeper and try to give a relevant example like "...when you deposit a check, I run some validations to make sure the check is valid, make sure this matches that, and issue a transaction to another system that does additional processing"....that's usually enough.

I always, always always, stay away from answers that might make me sound like some expert in setting up smart TVs, fixing printers, setting up a home wifi network, or being a zoom call expert etc. lol

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Gavin Author

TVs, check. Printers, check. Wifi, check. Zoom,... Damn it. That's a new one. I'm telling everyone I use WebEx. Nobody will ask anything about that.

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I just make stuff up so that they don't ask me for help with those things