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Discussion on: What would an ideal onboarding situation look like?

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Jennifer Moore

Onboarding is a pretty broad topic, and it's so particular to each individual organization. I'm a developer, and I mostly care about working with the other developers on my team, so I'll ignore larger company-wide issues like getting email or payroll set up, except to say that it's also important.

But, what do I want from my dev team? I expect as a baseline that I'll have access to source control, artifact repositories, project tracking tools, build systems, and any other development tool the team uses on day 1. A step up from there would be having an achievable and ready to work task for me to do as soon as I'm set up to be able to do it. Ideally they understand their own process well enough that they can anticipate what I'll need and guide me through it as I work on that first task (and the next few, for that matter). Gold star for having enough ownership over their own process that they turn difficulties I have with learning it into tasks for the rest of the team to improve the process or its documentation.