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How to Build a Slack Clone with a Chat API

Team messaging apps such as Slack, Google Chat, and Microsoft Teams are essential to modern workplaces. Particularly when many employees are working in a remote environment, team chat apps enable instant communication, organized conversations, and file storage. With emojis, gifs, and fun plugins, messaging apps can even create and reinforce a positive work culture.

While Slack is one of the most popular team messaging apps, building your own chat app can be fast and easy using a chat API and intuitive SDK.

Here, Dillion Megida, frontend developer advocate for Stream, shares how to build a Slack clone using the Stream React Chat SDK. This hour-long tutorial demonstrates how to customize components, create developer tokens, query and join channels, and leverage the Stream UI kit for a polished user experience.

Follow along with Dillion by activating your free 30-day Chat trial, which unlocks access to Stream’s chat API, SDKs, and beautiful UI kit.

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