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Day 17 of #100DaysOfCode: apply structured data for AJAX data to improve SEO


Add structure data to the website is a way to improve SEO. This article is a note for applying structured data for AJAX.

1. How to add structure to your website?

  • First, visit webmasters makeup helper ( Choose the type of the website and put the URL of the website. Alt Text
  • Then you can label fields like name, date, tile, etc on the website manually. This tool can convert labels to MicroData or JSON-LD format Alt Text
  • For AJAX, I thought using JSON-LD is a good choice. Google robot won't miss the structured data even though we have to retrieve data from the server. Alt Text

2. How to add JSON-JD in JavaScript?

  • You can append a Script node in $(document).ready
   var el = document.createElement('script');
   el.type = 'application/ld+json';
   list = []
   data.forEach(ele => {
            var t = { 
                "@context": "",  
                "@type": "Article", 
                "name": ele.title,
                "mainEntityOfPage": {
                    "@type": "WebPage",
                "author": {
                    "@type": "Person",
                "datePublished": ele.time,
                "url": ele.url,
                "image": ele.image,
                "publisher": {
                    "@type": "Organization",
                    "logo": {
                        "@type": "ImageObject",
                "headline": ele.title
        el.text = JSON.stringify(list);
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3. How to verify the structure data we added?

  • Visit Structured Data Testing Tool () and put the URL
    Alt Text

  • This tool will show you if there are any warnings or errors
    Alt Text

That's it!


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