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re: I'm a professional React developer, and here's how I set up Node.js/GraphQL Microservices with Docker and React. #4 VIEW POST

re: I know and understand why they do it. But what I've been noticing over the years is a groundswell of bad practice, misunderstanding and issues that...

I'm one of those who are guilty of both but have a few years under me and continue to blog! We all start somewhere and I'm really happy when the community corrects me. Unfortunately without ongoing mentorship between short jobs and no school I don't have the direction on right or wrong, and reading and chatting on the internet is the substitute. I think like anything, a range of sources are important in self study, and being humble and ready to acknowledge errors in thinking is super important.

I understand the point you're trying to make Stephen, but at the same time I'd never advocate learning solely through blogs.

My point of view is blogging is informal, and isn't designed to "teach" people everything. Naturally, a blog post focuses of something very specific.

Readers should read posts, and will probably learn something from them, but I'd always recommend for people to read from official sources afterwards.

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