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re: First Impressions: learning Angular after React/Redux VIEW POST

re: Hi Jen! Its always hard switching from one well known technology to other which works different, all the different patterns, idioms, approaches, co...

Hi Tomas, thanks for the thoughtful note. And yes good catch, actions and reducers are a Redux thing. In trying to compare like with like, the things I think are similar or different aren't actually there. It's such a stubborn thing to get used to one paradigm of module ecosystems, and certainly too easy for me to conflate the functionality of one set of tools with its availability in another. There's a lot that needs clarifying for sure.


To build off Thomas’s comment, ngrx is a set of related redux libraries built with Angular in mind, but at the end of the day, it’s just another redux library.

I would say that the “service & provider” approach you describe is not the best practice in Angular. Most articles I find recommend Redux for Angular just as they do for React.

NB: ngrx is fully compatible with React. It relies on RxJS observable, which work well with React’s...well, reactive, functional approach.

If only ngrx was more promoted in React tutorials...

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